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In this art and our shows exists NO JURY!, NO CENSORSHIP! NO RETURNS - EVERY! work is accepted - only the artist decides what he wants to send. So most official criticians says it is NO art - even official Museums (I worked there) are collecting this works and projects now.

This online artshows are part of a global art movement that started in the late fifties and became a real interactive creative network without borders long before internet was born.

< In the late "modern art", especially in "FLUXUS" artists in different places (Japan, America, France) started to extend art and to use communication medias like the postal system - later tv, fax, internet - to start creative online exchange and art projects that growns like an organism.

Shozo Shimamoto, Ben Vautier, ....Watts, most active was Ray Johnsons School of Correspondence - in USA - it ist told he is one Father of "Mailart"

The principle very simple: it is the interchange of creativity without borders or money. There is no artist no critician, no visitor of a museum - we are artists and museums, visitors and citicians in one. Beuys ( an active "Mailatist" ) told: everyone can be an artist.In his way, everyone can be creativ in his area- exactly this is what we are doing exchanging creativity accepting no borders nor rules .

Some rules in this no-system had grown "naturally": it is an exchange of creativity / what you send out is a gift/ there is nothing to buy or to sell/ every creativity will be accepted / there is no kind of jury or censorship and no return of your work

Therfore you may think I am presenting some excellent fine art here between a lot of "trash" - this is a big error!!! Noone is able to decide what art is, what "fine" art is, what is creativity?

Even if you are an artist - you only can jury YOUR work, in your life. "Finest" artists we know now had been the most "horrible" artists in their time - Van Gogh, Beuys, .... .... so

this is a little window to spy into some connections of creative lifes of artists all around the globe - through the centuries, it may be a little child from Argentinia or a famous artist from Europe...all are equal in art and everytime it is a creative gift without any borders, sharing life in the now existing "global village".


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